Weekend Chi Gong Workshop

Saturday July 20th and Sunday July 21st 

Workshop One: ‘Basics of ChiGong – Energizing Flow, Circulation’

Saturday 11am to 1pm

You will learn to connect to your Chi – lifeforce, move and let the Chi Energy move through your body by using breathing techniques and 4- dimensional flowing meditative movements. Dive deep into your awareness, creating a feeling of happiness and peace.

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Kids Yoga is back!

Our kids yoga program is for kids aged 5 – 9 years old.  It’s a fun class and helps children develop great skills in a supportive and non-competitive environment. Kids benefit just as much as adults do from a practice of strengthening, stretching, relaxing and letting go.  

Our kids yoga classes are structured, however open to spontaneity and yoga principles are taught through creative games and intentional exercises, and arts and crafts projects.

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