Liberating the breath: Conscious connected breathing

Saturday November 3rd 
3pm – 5pm
Cost: $45

This is a 2 hour workshop facilitated by Brodie and Nadine from Natures Flow Yoga.
Learning and using the Breathwave technique you will be guided in the workshop with the use of live instruments (harmonic resonance) to regulate the nervous system, improve lung capacity and body awareness. This technique enhances the flow of oxygen and prana throughout the body, altering states of consciousness and raising vibration.

This is a fun, safe and accessible workshop for everyone!  Please wear something comfortable.

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Yoga Nidra workshop with Liz Fisher

Saturday October 27th
3pm – 4:30pm
Cost: $30

Yoga Nidra is deeply transformational. There are four states of consciousness: waking, dreaming, sleeping and turiya. Yoga Nidra is the process of achieving the 4th state of resting in your infinite self.  Not to be missed, this workshop is inspired by Liz’s recent study with ‘Yoga Rupa’ Rod Stryker in Bali.