Welcome to Agoy Yoga Darwin!

Welcome to Agoy Yoga Darwin!

The Agoy Yoga Company Mission is to make the practise of yoga inviting and accessible to everyone with the simple philosophy of being able to enjoy life to the fullest. Our studio is a place for you to feel at home, safe, encouraged, empowered and always welcome. Our loving facility brings a non-competitive and encouraging atmosphere where each student can find their own way. All paths of yoga are welcomed, honoured and explored. Get ready to step into a supportive community, a clear mind and a vibrant body!

Our beautiful light filled studio is located on Bishop Street, Woolner (Centrally located between the city, northern suburbs & Palmerston). We have converted a brand new show room into a dedicated Yoga space. Yogis can enjoy high ceilings, natural light, spacious wooden floors, full size mirrors, convenient parking and air conditioning. We offer 24 yoga classes per week ranging from power vinyasa to restorative. Our classes are for all levels – we provide support for beginners and challenge for experienced practitioners, along with a wide variety of workshops throughout the year. Whether you are new to yoga or have done yoga before we’ve got your practice covered! As well as studio classes, Agoy Yoga offers private yoga therapy sessions and private group classes upon request.

Benefits of Yoga

Where to begin?! Yoga has so many benefits for the body, mind and spirit! It is a complete health system and can transform you into radical new ways of being! You will notice improved strength & flexibility, stronger focus and emotional stability. Concentration will improve and you will learn tools to self-heal and self-soothe. Yoga also has many therapeutic benefits such as improved immune functioning, better sleep, eases back pain, helps with depression and anxiety… really the list goes on! The greatest gift yoga can offer you is the opportunity to find a deeper connection with yourself and others.

Benefits for the body

• Improved flexibility, balance and strength
• Improved core strength and cardiovascular endurance
• Increased energy and vitality
• Improved immune functioning and digestion
• Increased lung capacity
• Calms the nervous system
• Weight management

Benefits for the mind

• Stress relief
• Improved concentration, determination and mental focus
• Emotional stability
• Improved quality of sleep
• Tools to ‘self sooth’
• Transforms old habits into inspiring ways of being

Benefits for your soul

• Emotionally uplifting and life affirming
• Connection to nature & environment
• Greater self-awareness and well-being
• Connection to spirit and others